For the love of art and craft

The journey of Mia Carta...

I have always had an interest in arts and crafts. I even remember my first project a pinboard! I was around 14 years old, I recycled an old styrofoam box, which I used for the base. I covered the box in fabric, using pins to hold down the fabric. It hung beside my bed over my desk! My craft obsession continued, and my poor friends and family were gifted with homemade items like hand painted bottles, filled with bath salts and oils! Mia Carta started 10 years ago, when my interest in paper art began. “Mia Carta” literally means “My paper” in Italian!  As the years have passed my focus has changed, I want the  generations to come to have that love of art as I do.  My aim is to introduce art to a generation who have “missed out“ using hands and minds to ignite the “love of art” to express themselves!
And now we have the Mia Carta studios located in Thomastown, northern suburbs of Melbourne. The creative space consists of a small art and craft shop, sewing room, drawing room and even a knitting room!
We have experienced wound up knitters, crochet champions, loony loomers, phenomenal painters all excited to pass on their skills to the next person who walks through the doors of Mia Carta.

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